Testing Your Package For That Ticking Time Bomb?

If you are a commercial or industrial entrepreneur and you have not been testing your packages lately, you could be in trouble, in more ways than one. The fact that some business owners may argue that it depends on what is being packaged holds no water. There is simply no excuse. Of course, industry standards and federal laws do have a set of terms and regulations that need to be followed.

package testing

This, in the main, applies to all those businesses and stakeholders that will be handling hazardous materials or products at some stage of their manufacturing, processing and distributive work. It is a legal requirement, and it is mandated that you take ownership of professionally handled package testing, if you are handling hazardous materials in any form. Even so, if such legalities and industry standards can bypass you, you, as a responsible business owner should take full ownership of this work.

In many cases, many medium sized and large multinationals will be outsourcing this essential service. But in many instances, it is also a legal requirement that staff members employed with companies of any size that are handling hazardous materials avail themselves to risk management training at least once a year. Another excuse that holds no water is this. Company owners distressfully argue that there is simply no time.

There is no time or space to release staff members from their usual work responsibilities to go and attend safety and security and risk management workshops. But as the greatest and most successful entrepreneurs like to say; if you don’t have the time, then make the time. Whether you are legally mandated or not, to carry out package testing, the consequences of not doing so are just too risky to be ignored.

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